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Embedded & Software Engineering

We have offered professional engineering and consulting for 25 years.

Professional Engineering

Customised Development

Mixed Mode offers you professional development services in the field of embedded & software engineering. We realise sophisticated, complex customer projects at the highest level.

Benefit from our > 2,000 man years of project experience.

An efficient development process guarantees you high quality and planning reliability. Our business processes have been certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. We support you during all project stages.

Short communication channels and rapid response times create trust and guarantee your project objective. Our technology experts are the specialists for your specialised topics.

Thanks to its long-term and successful market presence, Mixed Mode has succeeded at building up an extensive and long-term supplier network.

Qualified specialists

The matching resources are crucial for the success and quality of the project. Therefore, make flexible use of expert knowledge with the necessary industry know-how in terms of time and space.

Our specialists are university graduates and experienced engineers and computer scientists. The social competence is also in the foreground, because our employees also have to fit into your team with regards to the soft skills.

Our permanently employed experts offer you continuity and stability. Your specific project knowledge is retained. If necessary, you will also have access to it in the future.

Benefit from the know-how of an entire team, already starting from the very first employee. Thanks to the constant exchange of information with our technology experts, every employee has access to Mixed Mode's know-how. We support you with individual consultants and complete development teams.

Flexible project models

In cooperation with you, we select the best form of project implementation.

  • Service contract
    Is usually dependent on the effort and is billed according to the actual number of hours worked.
  • Contract of work
    Usually results- and package-oriented. Invoices are issued after successful acceptance. Here, project implementation can also ensue in an agile manner.

Depending on your requirements, we adapt to your project, e.g. in the preparation of a concept on a time and material basis, and the subsequent implementation by contract for work and services.

Embedded Engineering

From the design, right up to prototypes.

Embedded Engineering

Mixed Mode supports you with the following topics:

Embedded Software

  • Firmware development
  • Concept development and software design
  • Modelling and code generation
  • Driver development
  • Development with real-time operating systems RTOS
  • Deployment of middleware
  • Support and maintenance
  • Debugging, simulation, evaluation
  • Distributed system communication, protocols


  • Requirements engineering
  • Modelling with UML and SysML 
  • Hardware/software co-design
  • Digital signal processing
  • Distributed systems
  • Embedded Security, safety
  • Real time
  • Test automation, continuous integration

Embedded Platforms

  • Concept development
  • Modern controller architectures
  • Prototype development
  • DSP and FPGA development
  • Integration of Components off the Shelf (COTS)
  • System test and commissioning (bring-up)
  • Measurement engineering

Software Engineering

Your product's benefit is defined by the software application.

User-friend and ergonomic

Complex and networked embedded systems, as well as industrial applications require simple operating concepts and understandable user interfaces in order to configure parameters and visualise data. Mixed Mode has been developing individual and customer-specific tools, GUIs and MMIs for 25 years.


  • Software analyses
  • Design & modelling
  • Traceability & testability
  • Development & debugging
  • Test & quality
  • Optimisation, performance
  • Software maintenance & support

Processes and configuration

  • Development processes and standards (e.g. medical, automotive)
  • Configuration management & test
  • Continuous configuration, build & delivery
  • Test concepts & test execution


Tool development with device connection:

  • Diagnosis, analysis
  • Information, visualisation
  • Configuration, parametrisation

Tool development general:

  • Development & Debugging
  • Simulation
  • GUI design
  • HMI- & MMI- development
  • Desktop-, host-, web-, mobile-applications
Technology and process consulting

Process consulting means defining goals, responsibilities and measures in cooperation with you. We model processes and implement them together with you. With many years of experience and strong social competence we optimise your workflow.

Make use of our cross-sector and interdisciplinary know-how and gain access to the latest technologies. This creates lasting competitive advantages for you.

We advise you in the selection of embedded platforms, real-time operating systems, tools, development environments, software, etc. To ensure that you have all the information you need to make the right choice, we carry out evaluations and create, e.g. decision and risk matrices in advance.

We also advise you on your development processes. To this end, we define goals, responsibilities and measures for optimization together with you. With many years of experience and strong social competence we optimise your workflow and improve your product's quality.

You can also find training topics on technology and process consulting in our offer of Expert Sessions.


Experts and specialists

Technology experts at Mixed Mode are experienced developers and consultants who specialise in one topic, e.g. Linux, Security, Software Test and Quality.