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Industries & topics

We have extensive project know-how in a wide variety of industries.


Data acquisition, analysis, processing and visualisation

Many industrial applications place high demands on precise reactions in terms of time, right up to control in hard real time. In addition, modern applications also use the networking of systems and data provision via the Internet or mobile services.

Mixed Mode realises complex embedded systems and networks for its customers and supports them in demanding projects in the new subject areas Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things.


Assistants and control units for safety and comfort

The demands placed on modern vehicles in terms of improving driving and occupant safety, comfort and the control and optimisation of engine management, drive and environmental behaviour are becoming ever greater. This requires the use of powerful electronics. Mixed Mode realises complex systems with automotive buses such as CAN, LIN, FlexRay and Ethernet for its customers. Another focal area is on the integration of information, communication and navigation technology in the vehicle. To date, Mixed Mode has implemented a range of safety-critical systems - both for road and rail vehicles, especially in the ADAS sector. We are prepared for new developments in the areas of safety, security and IP in vehicles.


The world is constantly growing more closely together

Mobility and the provision of information and services are more important than ever. The demands on telecommunication and information sector products are increasing all the time. This is increasingly leading to the need to replace basic technologies and standards with more powerful successors.

Mixed Mode implements extensive communication and information technology functions on the basis of the latest technologies for its customers. This also includes the development of complex measurement systems for telecommunications applications.


Integration of complex functions in the smallest space

Semiconductor components have become indispensable in modern applications and can be found in our daily environment. New systems are becoming increasingly powerful, but for use in mobile devices, they need less energy than their predecessors.

Mixed Mode not only uses microcontrollers and programmable logic modules "off the shelf", but also develops new controllers and ASICs together with well-known semiconductor manufacturers.

Mixed Mode supports its customers from various industries in the development, verification and testing of new semiconductor devices as well as in the development of the corresponding tools and software development environments.

Medical Industry

Customer-specific developments for medical technology

Integrated digital signal processing has become a core component for increasing innovation in medical devices. The use of dedicated digital signal processors (DSP) and fast, configurable hardware components (FPGA, system-on-chip) enables increasingly detailed medical analyses and evaluations.

Mixed Mode develops control systems for special systems in the medical environment, individually according to customer requirements and with permanent cost monitoring. The focus is on the development of therapy and diagnostic devices. This also includes the development of device and user software.


Engineering & consulting for the aerospace industry

High safety requirements, reliability, maximum availability and hard deterministic real-time behaviour are the most important requirements from the aerospace industry. For many years, Mixed Mode has successfully implemented projects for the aerospace industry, to which the highest quality demands are placed.

Development focuses on applications in the fields of telecommunications, earth observation, military, air traffic control, flight and simulation.


Maximum protection for embedded systems

"Security" refers to the protection targets of confidentiality, availability and the integrity of reliable systems. It is intended to prevent unauthorised data manipulation or the unauthorised disclosure of sensitive information.

Mixed Mode has many years of experience in customer projects in the field of security. To further advance the topic of IT and cyber security, Mixed Mode is actively involved in associations such as the Munich security network.

In addition, Mixed Mode has successfully carried out several research projects on the subject, such as TECOM, SecFutur and SIBASE.

Energy / building technology

Projects for the future

Generating energy from existing resources such as coal, gas and oil is limited. Therefore, developing new technologies for energy generation and optimising existing technologies for the generation, distribution and storage of energy is important.

Developments in the field of autonomous energy generation, intelligent energy management, smart metering and intelligent building technology are promising and future-oriented approaches.